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To place an order please send the specifications of the instrument, your complete post adress and phone number either by email or in a letter to the following address:

Richard L. Patkós

uilleannhungary [at] hotmail [dot] com



I make four different keys of instruments. These are D, C#, C and B. You can order in email or personally. I make chanters, practice sets, half sets, ¾ sets and full sets as well. Obviously, I also make detached parts including drones and regulators. So if you need just a baritone regulator, no problem at all. After your order, I ask for a 20% deposit for the resolution and the materials. I will let you know the approximate waiting period, but allow for a 1-2 month difference. I play in a lot in festivals, mainly abroad, which can change the waiting time.

The preferred form of payment is through a money transfer. Checks can be inconvenient, as they can be a bit tough to change in Hungary. They need at least 30 days to clear, which makes it difficult to begin work, so I’d like to avoid them if possible. 

I’ll send the goods with fast mail-order service as a fragile and with tracking number.

If you’re not sure to order from me, the test chanter could help you. I have two chanters for that. Both of them are standard, D chanters. So, if you would like to try my works before ordering, I can send you for a week to try for free, just for the shipping price. 

I have a Lifetime Guarantee for my instruments, on the incidental making or material problems. If they are broken or damaged by the user, I cannot undertake the repairs without an additional charge. There is also no guarantee for the reeds.

From the year 2012 I have ordinal numbers on my chanters that you can find in the back of the chanter, just under the horse shoe. (Patkós means „with a horse shoe” in Hungarian) All my chanters, main stocks and bellows have this branding iron sign of a horse shoe.

Please, check my basic models.


Waiting times:

Chanter and practice set:

4-6 months

Half set:

8-10 months

3/4 or full set: 

18-20 months


The models:

Concert pitch:
Chanter: Andreas Rogge concert pitch chanter (Leo Rowsome)
Drones: Leo Rowsome
Regulators: Leo Rowsome


Flat pitch in C#:
Chanter: R.L.O'Mealy
Drones: R.L.O'Mealy
Regulators: R.L.O'Mealy


Flat pitch in C:
Chanter: Timothy Kenna
Drones: Timothy Kenna
Regulators: Timothy Kenna


Flat pitch in B:
Chanter: Andreas Rogge B chanter (Colgan)
Drones: Harrington
Regulators: Harrington