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Prototype full set in O'Briain style. Made from hard maple, boxwood and brass.


Beautiful half set in O'Briain style. Made from bubinga, boxwood and brass. Chanter has a C and F natural keys, wooden top and stopkey.


Ebony 3/4 set from indian ebony, bow and brass. The chanter is full keyed.


This 3/4 set made for Mr Tasso to France. Ebony, boxwood mounts and brass.


Boxwood half set with imitation ivory mounts and brass metalwork.


Concert pitch plum wood half set with Taylor style bass drone.


Half set in B natural. Made from plum wood, boxwood and brass.


Plum wood regulators in D.


Boxwood concert pitch tenor and baritone regulators.


Full keyed B flat boxwood chanter with wooden top and stop key.


Full keyed plum wood B chanter.


Half set in C. Plum, boxwood and brass.


Full set in C. African ebony, imitation ivory mounts and nickel plated brass metalworks.


3/4 set upgrading to full set in C


Ebony 3/4 set in C.


Concert 3/4 ebony set


Full set in C natural. Made from african ebony, boxwood and brass. Inspired by Geoff Wooff


Cobncert pitch full set in Rowsome style. Ebony, box and brass.


Copy of Willie Romsome set. Made from boxwood, brass and imitation ivory.


Ebony C chanter


B Chanter in ebony, imitation ivory and brass.


Boxwood drone set in D


Taylor style drone set


Beautiful plum wood full set with imitation ivory mounst and brass.

Concert drone set. Made from indian ebony, imit ivory mounts and brass metalworks.

Taylor style chanter in D.

Copy of Kevin Rowsome's Willie Rowsome chanter in D. European boxwood, imitation ivory and brass.

Palo Santo chanter in B with imitation ivory mounts.

Maple chanter in C

Flat pitch chanter in B. Ebony, imitation ivory and brass.

Concert chanter made for Pat D'Arcy

Concert chanter in African ebony


Concert pum wood full set with extra E regulator. Made from plum wood, indian ebony mounts and brass.


Full keyed chanter in B. African ebony, imitation ivory and brass


Rowsome style full set in D. Indian ebony, imitation ivora and brass. Chanter C, F and stop keys.


Ebony C chanter with C, F ring key and stop key.  Indian ebony, boxwood and silver plated brass.


Plum wood chanter in D



C full set in ebony, boxwood and brass.


C chanter


Palo santo chanter in C.


Concert pitch full set in plum wood, boxwood and brass.


3/4 set in B. Made from pear wood, boxwood mounts and brass.


Concert pitch boxwood chanter with antler mounts.


Indian ebony chanter in D.


Boxwood chanter.


Curly Maple chanter in D.


Coyne style in C


B chanters


3/4 set in D. Made fron ebony, brass and boxwood mounts


Taylor style half set with nickel plated metal works.


Boxwood chanter in D


Ebony chanter in D


Ebony chanter in Taylor style.


Concert chanter from ebony, buffalo horn and brass


Full keyed Taylor style chanter in D.


Plum wood chanter in D and 4 keys


Taylor style 3/4 sett in D. Made from ebony, boxwood mounts and silver plater brass




Taylor style full set with metal regulators. Ebony and silver plated brass.


Plume wood chanters B and D


Ebony practice set in D


Old Taylor style 3/4 set in D with narrow bore chanter. Hard wallnut, boxwood mounts and brass. Extra E tenor drone!