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A Bb boxwood (!!!) chanter is for sale. I made it for an order, but it went curved (as it was most probable speaking of boxwood). Then I made a new one remained straight, and now the curved is here with me. I decided to put it for sale, for I do not play in Bb. The photos are telling. There isno surprise, it is curved, but still has a good sound. It has a metal head and there are 4 keys on. The full price (with the keys) would be 1130 euros, but due to the curve, I give it for 700. Or for the best price. For more info write me a mail, please, I answer to further upcoming questions.




Three new practice chanters are ready for sale! They are made of bubinga, mounts are shaped of their own wood. They have brass chanter tops, and each goes with an extra reed. They are numbered for identification. I can make videos to show their sound in case of interest. They are well tuned and have clear scale. Each of them costs 400 euros + posting fee.